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The MIBM Post-Graduate Programme is ideally suited to graduates who are aiming to develop long term high profile corporate career and wish to seek promising opportunities.

MIBM envisages its PGDM programme as a learning program. The institute considers itself as a community that is defined by three core qualities – inspiring and sharing success, thinking fearlessly and driving total transformation. The learning program @ MIBM is designed to develop skills, attitude of endurance, independence and rational choice that builds lifelong relationship. Aligning with the three core qualities of MIBM, the academic learning program through its systems and processes strives to drive transformation among students and develop their vision with ingredient required to achieve it.

Academic Learning Programme has following characteristics:


Learning Programme at MIBM blends concept, theories and information with development of cognitive, social, emotional and leadership competencies. Post Graduate Programme at MIBM is spread over six trimesters that includes classroom learning, action oriented development and clearly focused culture and values.


At MIBM, multiple teaching methods are used. Lectures, case analysis, group projects, business simulations, management games, live assignments, syndicates etc. form the core of the learning programme. Students are divided into groups of 10- 12 for syndicates and 5-6 for group projects in each course. The programme structure is developed in such a manner that it strikes a perfect balance between conceptual and practical skills. It fosters the development of the following competencies essential for today's competitive environment.

  • Professionalism
  • Business analytical skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Pro-activeness
  • Leadership Skills


Summer internship is a requisite for MIBM’s curriculum which helps the student gain experience thereby enhancing their knowledge, understanding of management problem, operational issue and functioning of the corporate. The duration of summer internship program is around 8 to 10 weeks.


The dissertation is included in the course to make an in-depth study in order to conceptualize and analyze the different aspects of managerial studies.


MIBM has introduced a foundation course which ensures that the students have a proficiency level in the fundamental analytical skills which are required for any business manager. It includes IT skills, Mathematics, Accountancy and Communication Skills.


The module aims to inculcate soft skills and competencies like leadership skills, professionalism, team spirit, and problem solving skills, application of concepts, pro-activeness and make students rock solid professionals ready to combat all challenges.


These are small groups where topical and contemporary issues are discussed and analyzed. Concepts and business models are included in each course.


The learning program @ MIBM emphasizes on learners’ self-generated ability to control, manage and plan the learning process. Hence, the self-regulated learning is achieved through the interaction of a) monitoring one’s action b) evaluation of one's performance and c) one’s response to performance outcomes.


GSS provides flexible study process and schedule that helps the learners to develop conceptual understanding of the subjects and build ability to articulate her/his thoughts cogently.


Under Work Integrated Learning, the learners are well equipped with enhance employability skills to execute effectively at the work place through exposure to authentic work practices and applying skills and knowledge in real world setting. Through immersive learning workshop and guest talks, the institute provides periodic exposures to the students.


Learner’s through their ‘reflections on doing’ helps them to access real-time coaching and feedback, development of team work and application of knowledge. Tutorials @ MIBM is one of the form of experiential learning that provides students an opportunity to work in small group on contemporary topics.


MIBM believes and nurtures the holistic perspectives in problem solving approaches through its rich alumni resources, huge network of top executives across various functional domain, consultancy assignments, teaching cases and live projects.


Each student @ MIBM is important. The academic program continuously monitors and provides feedback periodically. The feedback process is further narrow down to each student with an objective of executing single, clear and observable action .


Professional Leadership Program address learner’s competencies through exposing to set of activities. It is envisaged that the Professional leadership program will assist students in building competencies in numerous areas – verbal skills, problem solving skills, critical thinking, social influence skills, emotional maturity, action orientation and personal excellence.


Each faculty, while giving the course outline, indicates his/her criteria for evaluating/ grading at the beginning of the Term.

In general, evaluation will be based on a combination of tutorials, quizzes, assignments, project work, level of class participation, Mid–Term Examination, End–Term Examination etc.

Grading follows the system of 6 quality points. The quality points used on the graduated evaluation scale are:

Grades A+ A B+ B C+ C F
Quality Points 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Range Of Marks 76 & Above 71-75 66-70 61-65 56-60 51-55 Below 50

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