Vision, Mission, Operating Philosophy

Our Vision, Mission, Operating Philosophy

Mulshi Institute of Retail Management & Mulshi Institute of Business Management offer world class education in India to develop well rounded professionals who could excel and work with comfort in global business environment

To develop a world class education to change the lives and careers of youth through business and enterprise driven education, to maintain spirit of responsible and justice to demonstrate superior professionals competence.

Develop well rounded professionals who can work in a global environment with comfort. Develop superior quality network with high quality educationists and professionals in corporate and social arena.

  • Always look for and follow the best practices and standards
  • Operate with spirit of responsibility, liberty, integrity and openness.
  • Move with colleagues with a sense of responsible democracy and egalitarianism
  • Respect for one and all irrespective of all consideration
  • Maintain national and global character.
  • Create a rewarding sense of belongingness for mutual growth.
  • Develop a sense of partnership among all.

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